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September 10, 2014


Herndon Environmental Network Community Grant provides partial project funding

The Town of Herndon completed the installation of its first set of waste and single stream recycling on-site compacting stations at Haley M. Smith Park. The units have a capacity of more than 150 gallons. This means no overflows and fewer collections, plus less ambient litter and cleaner parks. The fully enclosed containers eliminate numerous problems created by wind, snow, rain and animals. The project was funded with a $1,000 grant from the Herndon Environmental Network (HEN) Community Grant program coupled with town funds.

Haley M. Smith Park is an active athletic park that hosts youth and adult soccer, and youth softball and baseball. The park also boasts a playground, sand volleyball, basketball courts and picnic tables. The number of discarded water bottles and other recyclables regularly littering this park inspired the staff to pursue the recycling program. Use of the Big Belly Solar components allows for a high volume, low touch system, which will help reduce litter, increase recycling, conserve fuel, and save money. The park's playground is scheduled to be replaced this year. The community can offer input on the potential playground designs by accessing them at http://tinyurl.com/HSPlayground.

The Herndon Parks and Recreation Department is nationally accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies and is a four-time National Gold Medal Award winner for excellence in park and recreation management presented by the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration. The Town of Herndon, located in western Fairfax County, is the third largest town in the Commonwealth and is home to more than 23,000 citizens.

For more information, visit the Town's website at herndon-va.gov, town services, parks and recreation, or call 703-787-7300.

Press Contact: Abby Kimble, 703-435-6800 x2104, abby.kimble@herndon-va.gov


For more information, contact us: info@herndonenvironment.org